Oct 6, 2009

The Ballerina & Her Birthday

Hannah turns 4!
What a fun time with family and friends
all gathering to celebrate our daughter's life!

Date night to DQ with daddy!

The only good family shot we could get during the party! :)

I've never seen Hannah so grateful and happy for all the wonderful gifts she received for her birthday! She read every single card (making up the words as she went). She was super-excited about each and every one!

It was a fun, relaxed, last minute picnic party! :)

Hannah and her Barbie cake!

Leila and Hannah on their first day of ballet class! This is truly one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen...all the moms on one side of the window laughing at how uncoordinated and ungraceful their daughter is on the other side :) But Oh! How proud we all are!!

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Words from my children.....

After reading a verse out of the Bible to Hannah and Marshall....Hannah asks, "listen to Him?" I said, "Yes...we always have to listen and obey what God says" She turns to Marshall points to his chest and says, "buddy this is your heart...Jesus lives in there"

When trying to turn off all the lights in the house so we can watch a movie I told her I wanted to leave one of the lamps on and she replied, " but mom...there's no problem. There's a light on the TV!"

Marshall has learned that he likes whipped cream out of the can and has also learned how to imitate the sound it makes when it comes out...so everytime I open the fridge he runs over and starts making that sound telling me he wants some. He has also started doing this when he sees it at the grocery store! If you can kind of make the "k" sound in the back of your throat...that's what it sounds like! haha

When praying for our breakfast one morning.."Dear Jesus, thank you for this food and help us have a good day, and help Jesus to have a good day too cause I love Him in my heart. Jesus name...Amen!"